This page presents a reasonably comprehensive list of Raymond Tallis's non-medical publications from 1981 to date. (Items on general health and healthcare topics appear here; for items on purely medical matters please see the Medical Bibliography page. The bibliography is categorised into the following sections:
Wherever possible, hyperlinks have been given in the references to other resources on the Web. Where the whole reference provides the hyperlink, this indicates that reader can call up an archived version of the original text. In other cases the link leads to the subscription page of an archive service, or to the website of the periodical in which the article appeared. Book titles which are hyperlinked lead to Amazon (apart from translations, which lead to the foreign publisher). Articles about Raymond Tallis, and links to broadcasts, are given on this page.

Stories, Fictional Essays and Novels

Sculptured Air: a History.  Kudos 1982; 11: 22-34.
Research Purposes. World Medicine 1983; 18 (7):54.
Certain Thoughts Arising Out of Being Pointed Out by My Two Year Old Son. Granta 1984; 11: 15-18.
Musical Overdoses. Encounter 1987; 59(1): 23-26.
Three Mis-readings of a Diaphanometer. PN Review 1987; 14(1): 28.
Heart of Darkness. Orbis 1987; 65/66: 55-56. Re-printed The Reader, 2008; 29: 125-128.
Exam Fever. Iron; 54:54-59, 1988.
A Far Violin. PN Review 1996; 23(2): 11-12.
Absence: a Metaphysical Comedy(Toby Press, 1999; paperback edition, 2006).
Two Teds and a Thrush. News from the Republic of Letters 1999.
Not True Vertigo. The Reader Spring/Summer 2000; 6: 31-34.
Haitch: An Attempt to Blanch a Blush. PN Review 2002; 146: 53-6.
Oops. PN Review 2003; 149: 75-6.
Cigarette. PN Review 2003; 150: 10-12.
Thoughts after Margate. PN Review 2003; 151: 10-13.
A Day from Sleep: (1) Coming To. PN Review 2003; 152: 13-14.
Wrexham. Abraxas 2003; 19: 22-3.
Re-Imagining the Wheel. The Reader Spring 2004; 14: 39-45.
Glue. The Reader Summer 2005; 18: 30-37.
Read from the Top. The Reader Autumn 2006; 23.

Essays, Articles and Reviews

Review of First Love, Last Rites by Ian McEwan (first published London: Cape, 1975). Quarto 1981.
Monstrous Anger. Quarto 1981.
Chronic Sorrow. Quarto 1981.
The realistic novel versus the cinema. Critical Quarterly 1985; 27 (2): 57-66.
Is realism still relevant to modern reality? The Listener 1986; 115: 15-16.
As If There Could Be Such Things as True Stories. Cambridge Quarterly 1986; 15 (2): 95-107.
The Mirror Stage: a Critical Reflection. Trivium 1986; 21: 5-44.
Lallia. PN Review 1987.
Not Saussure.  PN Review 1987; 14(2): 24-28.
The Strange Case of Jacques L. PN Review 1987; 14(4): 23-26.
Only Connecting. PN Review 1988.
Words. Poetry Matters 1988; 6: 31-38.
Real Presences. PN Review 1989.
A Cure for Theorrhoea. Critical Review 1989; 3(1): 7-39.
Consciousness: an Unsolved Problem in Biology. Mediscope 1989; 66 (3): 100-102.
Michael Tye on 'The Subjective Qualities of Experience': a Critique. Philosophical Investigations 1989; 12 (3): 217-222.
A Conversation with Raymond Tallis. PN Review 1989; 15(4): 27-31.
Viewpoint: Mesozoic Stomp. Lancet 1990; 336: 555.
Newton's Sleep: (1) Poets, Scientists and Rainbows. PN Review 1990; 17(3): 47-52.
Open brackets. PN Review1991.
Newton's Sleep: (2) The Eunuch at the Orgy. PN Review 1991; 17(4): 48-51.
Newton's Sleep: (3) 'The Murderousness and Gadgetry of this Age'. PN Review 1991; 17(5): 39-42.
A Critique of Neuromythology. In: Raymond Tallis and Howard Robinson (eds), The Pursuit of Mind (Manchester: Carcanet, 1991), 86-109.
Newton's Sleep: (4) 'Alternative Science and Organic Daydreams'. PN Review1991; 17(6): 31-36.
Newton's Sleep: a Reply to Grevel Lindop. PN Review 1991; 18(1): 42-45.
Taking patients seriously. Times Literary Supplement 1992.
The culture of pain. Times Literary Supplement 1992.
In limbless limbo. Times Literary Supplement 1992.
Criticism Terminable and Interminable: the Place of Literary Criticism in a Life of Finite Duration. PN Review 1992; 18 (2): 47-51.
Terrors of the body. Times Literary Supplement 1st May 1992: 3-4.
Sex and Violence. PN Review 1994; 95: 69-71.
The Freezing Coachman: Some Reflections on Art and Morality. PN Review 1994; 96: 35-37.
The Difficulty of Arrival. PN Review 1994; 97:65-67.
The Survival of Theory (1) 'He Never Said That'. PN Review 1994; 98: 69-72.
The Survival of Theory (2): Overstanding the Text. PN Review 1995; 101: 36-9.
The Survival of Theory (3): Moral Overstanding or Halo-tosis. PN Review 1995; 102: 42-6.
The Survival of Theory (4): The Case of the Judge's Buttocks or Making an Ass of the Law. PN Review 1995; 103: 47-51
The Survival of Theory (5): Conceptual Houses. PN Review 1996; 107: 32-5.
Is There a Slippery Slope? Times Literary Supplement 12th January 1996: 3-4.
Burying Freud. Lancet 1996; 347: 669-71.
Metaphysics and Gossip: Notes Towards a Manifesto for a Novel of the Future. PN Review 1996; 109: 43-6.
Going, going, gone.  London Review of Books 1996; 18(7): 26-7.
Apocalypse Soon? Times Literary Supplement 19th April 1996: 25-6.
Want to know about biology? Observer 14th July 1996.
Literature as Textual Intercourse. Reprint of Chapter 3 of Not Saussure. In: Beyond Poststructuralism edited by Wendell Harris (Pennsylvania University Press, 1996).
The difficulty of being human. Times Literary Supplement 14th March 1997: 4-6.
Theorrhoea Contra Realism. In: Real Voices: On Reading edited by Philip Davis (Macmillan, 1997): 175-204.
A Dark Mirror: Reflections on Dementia.  News from the Republic of Letters 1997; 2: 12-16.
The Shrink from Hell.  Times Higher Education Supplement 31st October 1997.
The Difficulty of Trusting in Trust. Review of Physician-assisted Suicide (Medical Ethics) , Robert F. Weir, editor. Times Literary Supplement January 30th 1998.
Evidence-Based and Evidence-Free Generalisations: a Tale of Two Cultures. In: The Arts and Sciences of Criticism editors David Fuller and Patricia Waugh (Oxford University Press, 1999).
Do We Need a New Word for Patients? Commentary: Leave Well Alone. British Medical Journal 26th June 1999; 318: 1756-8.
Finding the True Significance of the Demographic Revolution. Times Higher Education Supplement 9th July 1999.
Sokal and Bricmont: Is This the End of the Dark Ages in the Humanities? Review of Intellectual Impostures: Postmodern Philosophers' Abuse of Science by Alan Sokal and Jean Bricmont (London: Profile Books, 1998). PN Review 1999; 128: 35-42.
Defender of a Damaging Pseudo-Science. Review of Cassandra's Daughter by Joseph Schwartz. Times Higher Education Supplement 22nd January 2000.
Will the Real Stanley Fish Stand Up, Please? Review of The Trouble with Principle by Stanley Fish. Times Literary Supplement 25th February 2000; 5056: 6-7.
Foreword to The Politics of Sex and Other Essays: On Conservatism, Culture and Imagination by Robert Grant (London: Macmillan, 2000).
Allusive Nods. Review of The Idea of Culture by Terry Eagleton. Times Literary Supplement 7th July 2000.
Brains and Minds: a Brief History of Neuromythology. Journal of the Royal College of Physicians 2000; 34: 563-7.
Against Dr Panglum. Prospect February 2001: 24-29.
Life is too big for atomic minds. Times Higher Education Supplement 6th April 2001.
Carpal Knowledge: a Natural Philosophy of the Caress. Philosophy Now September/October 2001; 33: 24-27.
Manucaption. The Reader 2001; 9: 35-40.
The Survival of Theory. In: Classical Literary Theory and Criticism, edited by V. S. Madge (Madras: Penhale, 2001).
The Truth about Lies: Foucault, Nietzsche and the Cretan Paradox. Review of The Liar's Tale by Jeremy Campbell. Times Literary Supplement 21st December 2001: 3-4.
A Neuroscience of Consciousness: the History of an Illusion. Transactions of the Medical Society of London 2000-1; 117:12- 19
Truth, the Self and the Human Agent after Postmodernism. Paper given at the conference Beyond Post Mordernism, University of British Columbia 16th-18th May 2002.
Dreamers of Paradise. Review of The Culture Cult: Designer Tribalism and Other Essays by Roger Sandall. Times Literary Supplement 16th August 2002: 6. Reprinted as Vom Kulturkritik der Paradiestraumer, Merkur: Deutches Zeitschrift fur Europaisches Denken November 2002; 653: 1024-1028. Reprinted as Dreamers of Paradise, Australian August 2002.
Human Freedom as a Reality-Producing Illusion. The Monist 2003; 86(2): 201-220.
Made by our own hands. Times Higher Education Supplement 18th July 2003.
Customised Humans. Prospect September 2003: 34-39.
Escape from Eden. New Humanist November/December 2003; 118(4): 22-4.
Medicine: a Human Art Rooted in Biological Science. In: Proceedings: Dialogos Disciplinares as Ciencias e as Artes no Viragem do Milienio edited by Alcinda Pinheiro de Sousa and Teresa de Ataide Malafaia (Lisbon: IJF Press, 2003): 133-9.
The NHS Examined: Extract 1: Innovation? You Can Trust Us, We're Doctors. Extract from Hippocratic Oaths: Medicine and its Discontents. Times 3rd August 2004.
The NHS Examined: Extract 1: How Patient Power Could Kill the NHS. Extract from Hippocratic Oaths: Medicine and its Discontents. Times 3rd August 2004.
The NHS Examined: Extract 2: Smells Good - But Does It Work? Extract from Hippocratic Oaths: Medicine and its Discontents. Times 4th August 2004.
The NHS Examined: Extract 2: Remember the MMR jab. Extract from Hippocratic Oaths: Medicine and its Discontents. Times 4th August 2004.
The NHS Examined: Extract 3: Strokes: Why 3,500 People Died Needlessly. Extract from Hippocratic Oaths: Medicine and its Discontents. Times 5th August 2004.
The NHS Examined: Extract 3: Bed Losses, Net Losses. Extract from Hippocratic Oaths: Medicine and its Discontents. Times 5th August 2004.
The NHS Examined: Extract 3: When Grief Turned into Grievance. Extract from Hippocratic Oaths: Medicine and its Discontents. Times 5th August 2004.
The NHS Examined: Extract 4: Time: Yes It Can Be a Healer. Extract from Hippocratic Oaths: Medicine and its Discontents. Times 6th August 2004.
Down Among the Qualia. Review of George and Sam by Charlotte Moore, Not Even Wrong by Paul Collins, A Boy Beyond Reach by Cheri Florance. Times Literary Supplement 27 August 2004: 10-11.
Why minds are not computers. The Philosopher's Magazine 2004; 28: 52-60.
Trying to find consciousness in the brain. Review of Consciousness: A User's Guide by Adam Zeman, Wider Than the Sky: The Phenomenal Gift of Consciousness by Gerald M. Edelman, The Quest for Consciousness: A Neurobiological Approach by Christof Koch. Brain 2004 127(11): 2558-2563.
A Farewell to the Flesh? Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 2005; 98(5): 244-6.
The Linguistic Unconscious: Saussure and the Post-Saussureans. Reprint of Enemies of Hope pp.272-269. In: Theory's Empire: An Anthology of Dissent edited by Daphne Patai and Will Corrall (Columbia University Press, 2005).
Book of a Lifetime: Being and Time, Martin Heidegger. The Independent 28th July 2005.
Living Longer, Healthier Lives. Times Saturday 22nd October 2005.
You Can be a Beast, but I'm Human. The Times Saturday 29th October 2005.
What Scientists Believe but Can't Prove ... Contribution to a group article. Times 24th December 2005.
Myths, Medicine and Meaning. Review of Catharsis: On the Art of Medicine by Andrzej Szczeklik (The University of Chicago Press, 2005). Lancet 2006; 367(9517): 1135-6.
Early in her Thinking. Review of Owl of Minerva: A Memoir by Mary Midgley. Times Literary Supplement April 28th 2006: 7.
Ticks That Make Doctors Cross. The Times Thursday 9th June 2006.
The Death of Immortality. PN Review July 2006; 32(6) Number 170: 28-9.
To the Barricades, Old Codgers: You’re the Last Bastions of Threatened Liberty. The Times Monday July 31st 2006.
Targets Have Failed the NHS. The Times Thursday 10th August 2006.
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We All Go into the Dark – but In the Fragility of Life There Is Light. The Times  25th October 2006: 25.
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Foreword to Ann Drysdale’s Three-Three, Two-Two, Five-Six (Blaenau Ffestiniog: Cinnamon Press, 2007). Reissued in The Reader Spring 2007 25: 79-82 as The Shadow of Death, and in The Chimaera 6th August 2009; 6.
Right, What Have the Scientists Ever Done for Us? Times 28th February 2007.
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Why Blame Me? It’s All My Brain’s Fault. Times 24th October 2007.
My brain made me do it. Times 24th October 2007.
Longer, Healthier, Happier? Science, Humans Needs and Human Values. The Battle in Print 24 October 2007.
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Articles in Press

Parmenides: TimesLiterary Supplement 9.
‘On Failing to be a Philosopher’ Philosophy Now April/May 2019.


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Books in Press

The Mystery of Freedom
Philosophy Now October/November 2020.
Freedom: An Impossible Reality
Agenda, May 2021

Books in Preparation

Reflections on My Timein the Light
Prague 22. A Book of Tenuous Connections

Submitted for Publication

Quartet for the End of Time - a collection of short stories.

Poems Published Individually

Tilt Shot. The Listener 1981.
Fathers and Sons. The Listener 1981.
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Glints of Darkness. Poesis 1982.
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Water. Iron 1983.
Ice. Iron 1983.
Fog (Mist, Steam). Iron 1983.
Metasonnet for a Dark Lady. Honest Ulsterman 1984.
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Political Scandal. Iron 1984.
As Flies to Wanton Boys. Iron 1984.
Microbes and Morality. Iron1984.
By the Broken Light of Dream. Acumen 1986.
Lieder und Leider. Poetry Voice 1987.
Infans. Poetry Voice 1990.
Justifying the Search. Philosophy Now 2002.
Cries. The Liberal 2005.

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